Children’s Karate Tournament 11/25/2021

Judge Card – Max Value 2 points each (10 total points possible)

  • Form
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Finesse
  • Passion

Kumite: Any division with one competitor, that competitor must move up to the next division.

Ring Judges -Point Scored. Upon contact sighted – head down, make the hand gesture point call ASAP

No less than 5 competitors for Team Kata (music not required)

Hot Dogs & RollsWater
Hamburgers & RollsSoda
Baked GoodsMilk (Rutters’?)

2nd Tournament Meeting Notes:
Check middle school overflow parking. Shuttle event staff to Dojo from remote parking.

Plates & Napkins
Dollar Store: Tape | Post Cards | Pens

Waiver – BrianGrill – GusFood – Sara & Jen
Registrations – Tom & EvanAwards – AshleyTables – Tom & Sara
Chairs: Evan (call for rentals)Gift Cards (Weis/Giant) – Jen

Dojo Setup: Friday, Sept. 24th
Clean Up -> Bathrooms!

Sponsors: logo & address (letterhead) in tournament program.