Elite Xtreme Cardio


An upbeat personality to keep you going in the Elite Xtreme Cardio course. He will pull the best out of you!

Class Description

Elite Xtreme Cardio, as the name suggests, is a high intensity workout that is meant for top athletes to get in shape or stay in shape for their events. Izzy tries to push everyone to give it their all and do a little bit more than you did last time. If the workout you are doing now is too easy for you, give this program a try to push yourself to the next level and make a better you!

Class benefits

Izzy will push you to get the most benefits that you can out of this program. You can expect a high level workout to increase your stamina, build muscle, and loose body fat. This class is meant to keep top athletes in shape for their upcoming events.

A Typical Class

Izzy will start with the class all in rows and make sure everyone has enough room and has all the tools to do the workouts. He will start a timer and the workouts will change every minute. You will follow along with Izzy and try to keep up with these intense workouts. Izzy will constantly encourage you along the way to push you a little further than you did last time. A typical class will last anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on the type of workout. Core workouts are usually harder and shorter and cardio workouts are a tiny bit easier but a little bit longer.


Elite Xtreme is done every weekday at 5pm and 2:30pm on Saturdays.

Included in what membership package

This is included in our Fitness Membership Plan.