KX Regular Cardio

Mat Trimmer

Mat brings has many years of experience of training top level athletes, but also working with regular people. His goal is always to be friendly, approachable and encouraging to bring the best out of you by the tailoring your workout to your level.

Class Description

KX Regular Cardio is a workout that is meant for everyone. We try to encourage everyone to get in shape or stay in shape with a workout that is not too easy but not too hard for them. But Mat will push everyone to give it their all and do a little bit more than you did last time. This workout program is tailored to get everyone, even someone that has never worked our before, off the couch and moving in healthy ways. So what are you waiting for? Give this workout a try and lets make a better you!

Class benefits

Mat will push you to get the most benefits that you can out of this program. The program is meant to get everyone off the couch and started in a workout that they can handle to get fit. This workout will push you to keep your heart rate up, loose weight, build a little muscle and get your body moving in healthy ways.

A Typical Class

Mat will start with the class all in rows and make sure everyone has enough room and has all the tools to do the workouts. He will start a timer and the workouts will change every minute to 30 seconds with breaks in between. This workout is meant to get you moving, get your heart rate up, and teach you good workouts. Mat will constantly encourage you along the way to push you a little further than you did last time. A typical class will last 30 minutes.


KX Regular Cardio is done Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm. Also on Saturdays at 1:30pm.

Included in what membership package

This is included in our Fitness Membership Plan.