Frequently Asked Questions

The moment you finish checkout you will have access to all our online videos and to our Live Streamed class. In-studio Class have been paused at the request of the PA State Governor so slow the COVID-19 Virus. We will resume in-studio class as soon as possible.

Go to “Account” at the top of the site, then click “Account details” on the left side. You can change your password here.

The moment you finish checkout. For the online membership part you will be emailed a temporary password to the email address you signed up with(along with a billing receipt.) For in In-Stuido/Streaming memberships, head over the the Live Stream page and check out when your next class is. See You There!

Your order will be processing until we approve your account on our end. We don’t want to approve your account until you have received everything you need for your membership. You will still have access to everything on the website while it’s processing.

If you Upgrade to a higher membership plan, you will be charged a prorated amount at checkout to get you up to your next billing period. Your membership will continue at the new rate after that.

If you downgrade your membership, the system will credit your billing cycle and you will not be charged until your extra funds have been exhausted. (Example: If you paid $100 then downgrade to a $10/month plan, you would not be charge for 9 months. At the 10th month, you would be charged your first $10/month payment.)

You can cancel anytime by going to your account page. If you cancel before your trial ends you will not be charged. If you have been charged your monthly payment, your membership will continue until the end of your pay period, then terminate.

It is billed monthly on the day you started the membership. If you have a trail, your billing date will be the first day after your trial ends. You can cancel anytime before that for no charge.

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