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KXCardio is Everyone's cardio. The main levels help everyone find a level that is just right for them. Izzy's upbeat style will help your energy high and your body moving. Find your level today!
15 videos
Elite Xtreme Cardio
Elite Xtreme will get your spirit and your heart rate up! Your Instructor Izzy guides you along this challenging workout series with his constant words of encouragement. See if you can keep up!
9 videos
Tai Chi by Master Eric
Master Erie guides you throw his Tia Chi Course all while seated in your chair. Give back to your mind and body with this relaxing course to calm your mood and boost your inner chi.
6 videos
Shotokan Karate by Grand Master Mat Trimmer
Great series for anyone looking to experience Shotokan karate classes online. This series is taught by Grand Master Mat Trimmer and meant to make your feel like you are right in the class with him.
4 videos
Tai Chi By Victor
Tia Chi has been practiced for over 700 years. Experience it here today with sole classes guided by Victor as he teaches you the beginnings of a Tai Chi routine.
2 videos

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