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What We Do


24/7 Gym

Unleash your fitness journey with our 24/7 gym, offering anytime access through a convenient keycard system, empowering you to work out on your terms, day or night.

Silver Sneakers

Elevate your fitness and well-being with our Silver Sneakers class tailored exclusively for individuals aged 65 and older, providing a supportive social environment and a variety of exercises to enhance overall health.

KX Cardio

Ignite your inner fire and unleash the ultimate 30-minute KXCardio workout with an exhilarating fitness experience that will leave you energized, and ready to conquer the world!

Martial Arts

Adult Shotokan Karate

Experience the pinnacle of martial arts excellence in our adult Shotokan class led by our esteemed Grand Master, where you'll refine your skills, cultivate inner strength, and unlock your full potential.

12 & Under - Tiny Tigers Karate

Our kids' Shotokan Karate class is an action-packed adventure where they'll learn awesome moves, gain unbreakable confidence, and make new friends while having a blast!

Kids and Adult Boxing

Our kids and Adult boxing class offers a workout that hones boxing skills, improves overall fitness, and provides a powerful outlet for stress and empowerment.

Adult Krav Maga/AFS

Our Krav Maga/AFS class is a highly effective self-defense system that combines practical techniques from various martial arts for real-world situations.

Adult Wing Chun - Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art known for its efficient and direct techniques, focusing on close-range combat and simultaneous defense and attack movements.

Close Quarters Combat Grappling

Close Quarters Combat Grappling is an intense martial art that combines joint locks, chokes, takedowns, and ground fighting techniques for controlling and dominating opponents in close-quarters confrontations.

Who We Are

Grand Master Mat Trimmer

Shotokan & Boxing

Sensie Stan Miller

Krav Maga/AFS

Sharon Gochenauer

Silver Sneakers

Master Kay McKinney

Shotokan & Tiny Tigers

Sensei Victor Gurany

Wing Chun

Sensei James Alpaugh

Close Quarters Combat Grappling

What People Think of Us

Keystone X Fitness & Martial Arts IconKeystone X Fitness & Martial Arts

67 North Main Street, Dover

5.0 32 reviews

  • Avatar Declan Bowles ★★★★★ a month ago
  • Avatar Sarrah Mckeithan ★★★★★ a month ago
    The instructors are the best. I honestly couldn't ask for better!!!!! The support everyone has given me and my kids is mind-blowing! I would definitely recommend. I love them.
  • Avatar Keven Covert ★★★★ 3 months ago
  • Avatar Pandaora Smith ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Good people who are invested in the students, teaching karate, respect and discipline. The place has geat classes and I decent size gym that includes a good bit of free weights.
  • Avatar Wanda Pennypacker ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Keystone X Fitness & Martial Arts is an Amazing place to help establish and build a strong foundation of of respect, dedication and integrity for yourself and your children.
    Highly recommended instructors that live and breathe what
    … More they teach. Nothing but positive Ora, love and support you become part of a family.

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